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Wonjoo Kim
doctor's information
Name Wonjoo Kim
Major Epilepsy, Headache, Pain


  • Valproate에 의해 유발된 가역적 파킨슨증 1예
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 18/5 :654-656,2000
  • 양측성 시상 경색증의 임상 양상
    대한뇌졸중학회지 2/2 :212-217,2000
  • The central conduction time in posterior tibial and pudendal nerve somatosensory evoked potentials
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 42/1 :9-13,2001
  • 정상 갑상선 기능 상태에서 Levothyroxine중독에 의한 간질발작 1예
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 19/5 :550-552,2001
  • Low dose and slow titration of topiramate as adjunctive therapy in refractory partial epilepsies: a multicentre open clinical trial
    Seizure 11/4 :255-260,2002
  • The Effect of Initial Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase Level on Clinical Outcome in Acute Carotid Artery Territory Infarction
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 43/3 :357-362,2002
  • 두부외상 환자에서 Valproate의 대사의 변화
    대한간질학회지(Journal of Korean Epilepsy Society) 7/1 :33-36,2003
  • 척수염 환자에서의 요역동학적 검사
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 21/5 :10-506,2003
  • Prediction of Early Clinical Severity and Extent of Neuronal Damage in Anterior-Circulation Infarction Using the Initial Serum Neuron-Spectific Enolas
    ARCHIVES OF NEUROLOGY 60/1 :37-41,2003
  • 근세포 분화에 따른 Bcl-2와 Bcl-XL 발현
    대한임상신경생리학회지 6/2 :80-84,2004
  • 근위축성측삭경화증 환자에서 경부 척수 자기공명영상을 통한 경부 척추증의 평가
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 22/3 :213-218,2004
  • 다발성 뇌경색으로 발현한 크립토코쿠스뇌막염
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 22/4 :382-385,2004
  • 만성 C형 간염과 연관된 근염 1예
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 22/5 :564-566,2004
  • 중증근무력증 환자의 CTLA-4 유전자 다형성
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 22/5 :504-507,2004
  • Dystrophinopathy 환자의 임상적, 면역조직화학적 및 유전학적 분석
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 22/5 :508-515,2004
  • Transient isolated trochlear nerve palsy associated with Rathke's cleft cyst
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 45/ :166-168,2004
  • Serotonin transporter gene polymorphism and migraine in the Korean population
    HEADACHE 45/ :1056-1060,2005
  • 자기공명영상으로 진단된 중대뇌동맥박리
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 23/5 :663-666,2005
  • Anticonvulsant Activity of Androsterone and Etiocholanolone
    EPILEPSIA 46/6 :819-827,2005
  • 증증근무력증과 인터루킨-1β, 인터루킨-1 수용체 길항제 유전자 다형성의 연관성: 예비연구
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 23/4 :484-489,2005
  • 갑상샘과다증을 동반한 임신 입덧 환자에서의 베르니케 뇌병증 1예
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 24/5 :521-523,2006
  • 한국인에서의 편두통과 도파민 D4수용체 유전자 다형태의 연관성
    대한두통학회지(Korean Journal Of Headache) 7/1 :41-45,2006
  • 무균성 수막염과 급성 양측 안면신경마비로 발현된 인체면역결핍 바이러스 감염증 1예
    대한근전도전기진단의학회지 8/1 :67-70,2006
  • 확산강조 뇌자기공명영상에서 대뇌 피질 고영상 병변을 보이는 임상적으로 진단된 크로이츠펠트-야콥병 4예
    대한신경과학회지(JournalOfTheKoreanNeurologicalAssociation) 24/6 :596-600,2006
  • A case of adult polyglucosan body disease
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 48/4 :701-703,2007
  • 저혈당성 양측 마비 환자에 있어 확산강조영상, 현성확산계수지도의 가역적 변화
    대한뇌졸중학회지 9/ :94-,2007
  • Disseminated tuberculosis with multiple intracerebral tuberculomas in a patient with anorexia nervosa
  • 간질 환자에 있어서 예기하지 못한 갑작스런 사망 1예
    대한간질학회지(Journal of Korean Epilepsy Society) 11/2 :116-118,2007
  • A case of catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome presented with diffuse myelopathy
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 1/ :50-53,2008
  • Topiramate의 인지기능에 대한 효과
    대한간질학회지(Journal of Korean Epilepsy Society) 12/s1 :61-66,2008
  • Topiramate의 장기간 치료유지율
    대한간질학회지(Journal of Korean Epilepsy Society) 12/s1 :24-27,2008
  • Flutamide의 항경련 작용에 대한 in vitro 연구
    대한간질학회지(Journal of Korean Epilepsy Society) 12/2 :92-95,2008
  • 부갑상샘기능저하증과 간질이 동반된 양측 줄무늬창백치아 석회증
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 1/ :171-173,2008
  • 침대돌기위 내경 동맥류로 인한 단안 고도의 상방 시야결손
    Journal Of The Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지) 27/1 :58-60,2009
  • 뇌바닥동맥형성저하와 삼차동맥존속증을 동반한 외측 연수증후군 1예
    대한뇌졸중학회지 11/1 :43-44,2009
  • Higher lesion detection by 3.0T MRI in patient with transient global amnesia
    Yonsei Medical Journal 50/2 :211-214,2009
  • A familial case of Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome with small cell lung cancer
    Clinical Neurology And Neurosurgery 111/7 :645-646,2009
  • Differences between the Measured and Calculated Free Serum Phenytoin Concentrations in Epileptic Patients
    Yonsei Medical Journal 50/4 :517-520,2009
  • 저산소뇌증 환자에서 혈청 Neuron-Specific Enolase 수치와 예후
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 2/ :6-11,2009
  • 테스토스테론의 대사물인 androsterone의 경련억제에 대한 영향
    Journal Of The Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지) 27/2 :142-146,2009
  • Long-term efficacy and tolerability of topiramate as add-on therapy in refractory partial epilepsy: An observational study
    Epilepsia 50/8 :1910-1919,2009
  • 여러 질환에서 항경련제 치료
    Journal Of The Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지) 27/2 :201-204,2009
  • giant somatosensory evoked potential in a patient with shaking TIA
    Movement Disorders 24/15 :2301-2303,2009
  • A nonsynonymous variation in MRP2/ABCC2 is associated with neurological adverse drug reactions of carbamazepine in patients with epilepsy
    Pharmacogenetics And Genomics 20/ :249-256,2010
  • Superficial Siderosis in Cervical Disc Herniation
    European Neurology 63/5 :320-320,2010
  • Clinical feasibility of immediate overnight switching from slow-release carbamazepine to oxcarbazepine in Korean patients with refractory partial epilepsy
    Seizure-European Journal Of Epilepsy 19/6 :356-358,2010
  • The Prevalence of Thyrotoxicosis-Related Seizures
    Thyroid 20/ :955-958,2010
  • Facial Diplegia in Plasmodium vivax Malaria
    Journal Of Clinical Neurology 6/2 :102-103,2010
  • 독시라민 과량 복용 후 발작이 발생한 환자들의 임상양상
    Journal of Korean Epilepsy Society(대한간질학회지) 14/1 :6-10,2010
  • Serum neuron-specific enolase level as a biomarker in differential diagnosis of seizure and syncope
    Journal of Neurology 257/ :1708-1712,2010
  • 중환자실에서 지속뇌파검사의 유용성
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 3/1 :7-12,2010
  • Insulinoma Presenting as a Parasomnia Mimic Symptoms
    수면(Journal of Korean Sleeping Society) 7/2 :57-60,2010
  • Clinical significance of anti-annexin V antibody in acute cerebral ischemia
  • Treatment of spontaneous cervical spinal subdural hematoma with methylprednisolone pulse therapy
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 52/4 :692-694,2011
  • The effect of topiramate monotherapy on bone mineral density and markers of bone and mineral metabolism in premenopausal women with epilepsy
    EPILEPSIA 52/10 :1884-1889,2011
  • The Assessment of Routine Electroencephalography in Patients with Altered Mental Status
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 52/6 :933-938,2011
  • Association of a synonymous GAT3 polymorphism with antiepileptic drug pharmacoresistance
    JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 56/ :640-646,2011
  • Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid Neuron-Specific Enolase for Diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis
    YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL 53/6 :1068-1072,2012
  • 발작과 실신에서 일시적 혈중 암모니아 상승의 차이
    대한신경과학회지 30/4 :279-283,2012
  • 원발성 가역적뇌혈관수축증후군에 의한 가역적후뇌병증
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 5/2 :61-64,2012
  • Effect of Cilostazol in Acute Lacunar Infarction Based on Pulsatility Index of Transcranial Doppler (ECLIPse): A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
    EUROPEAN NEUROLOGY 69/1 :33-40,2013
  • Association between weekend catch-up sleep duration and hypertension in Korean adults
    SLEEP MEDICINE 14/6 :549-554,2013
  • Clinical, immunohistochemical, Western blot, and genetic analysis in dystrophinopathy
  • Fluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery Hyperintense Vessels in Posterior Cerebral Artery Infarction
    CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES Extra 3/ :46-54,2013
  • 신경과 전공의 수면실태
    수면 ( Journal of Korean Sleep Research Society ) 10/1 :20-24,2013
  • 한국성인인구집단의 하지불안증후군 유병률: International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group Criteria 진단기준과 Cambridge-Hopkins 진단설문 비교
    수면 ( Journal of Korean Sleep Research Society ) 10/1 :7-14,2013
  • 간농양과 연관된 Klebsiella Pneumoniae 뇌수막염 증례
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 6/1 :21-24,2013
  • Genetic Variations of ABCC2 Gene Associated with Adverse Drug Reactions to Valproic Acid in Korean Epileptic Patients
    Genomics & Informatics 11/4 :254-262,2013
  • Effect of Androsterone after Pilocarpine-induced Status Epilepticus in Mice
    Journal of Epilepsy Research 4/1 :7-13,2014
  • 척수 혹은 경막외 마취 후 발생한 화학적 수막염
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 7/1 :40-43,2014
  • Human Fetal Brain-Derived Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Grafted into the Adult Epileptic Brain Restrain Seizures in Rat Models of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
    PLOS ONE 9/8 :e104092-,2014
  • Cilostazol decreases cerebral arterial pulsatility in patients with mild white matter hyperintensities: Subgroup analysis from the effect of cilostazol in acute lacunar infarction based on pulsatility index of transcranial doppler (ECLIPse) study
    CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES 38/3 :197-203,2014
  • 경두개 도플러초음파 박동성지수와 대뇌백질 고강도신호 병변과의 관련성
    Journal of Neurosonology 6/1 :11-15,2014
  • GWAS identifies two susceptibility loci for lamotrigine-induced skin rash in patients with epilepsy
    EPILEPSY RESEARCH 115/ :88-94,2015
  • Association of knowledge about epilepsy with mood and self-efficacy in Korean people with epilepsy
    EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR 52/1 :149-153,2015
  • 단일기관에서의 단순헤르페스바이러스 2형 수막염의임상특성
    대한신경과학회지 34/2 :112-115,2016
  • Factors contributing to the development of perceived stigma in people with newly diagnosed epilepsy: A one-year longitudinal study
    EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR 54/ :1-6,2016
  • Habitual Sleep Duration, Unmet Sleep Need, and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Korean Adults
    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY 12/2 :194-200,2016
  • Associations of impaired sleep quality, insomnia, and sleepiness with epilepsy: A questionnaire-based case-control study
    EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR 57/ :55-59,2016
  • Insomnia in probable migraine: a population-based study
    JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 17/92 :1-8,2016
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness is associated with an exacerbation of migraine: A population-based study
  • Anxiety and Depression in Tension-Type Headache: A Population-Based Study
    PLOS ONE 11/10 :e0165316-,2016
  • 단독 연수막 신경사르코이드증
    대한신경과학회지 35/1 :48-49,2017
  • Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Manifested as Rapid Progressive Dementia Successfully Treated by Endovascular Embolization Only
    Neurointervention 12/1 :50-53,2017
  • Trafficking patterns of NMDA and GABAA receptors in a Mg2+-free cultured hippocampal neuron model of status epilepticus.
    EPILEPSY RESEARCH 136/ :143-148,2017
  • Sleep characteristics associated with drowsy driving
    SLEEP MEDICINE 40/ :4-10,2017
  • Insomnia in tension-type headache: a population-based study
    JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 18/95 :1-9,2017
  • Association between weekend catch-up sleep and lower body mass: Population-based study
    SLEEP 40/7 :1-8,2017
  • Restless legs syndrome and tension-type headache: a population-based study
    JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 18/47 :1-8,2017
  • Electroencephalography for the diagnosis of brain death
    대한임상신경생리학회 19/2 :118-124,2017
  • Anxiety and depression in probable migraine: A population-based study
    CEPHALALGIA 37/9 :845-854,2017
  • Fundamental requirements for performing electroencephalography
    대한임상신경생리학회 19/2 :113-117,2017
  • Insufficient sleep is prevalent among migraineurs: a population-based study
    JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 18/1 :50-57,2017
  • Prevalence, sleep characteristics, and comorbidities in a population at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea: A nationwide questionnaire study in South Korea
    PLOS ONE 13/2 :e0193549-e0193562,2018
  • 탈수초질환 환자에서 발생한 돌발구음장애-실조
    대한신경과학회지 36/2 :97-99,2018
  • Short sleep duration and poor sleep quality among migraineurs: A population-based study
    CEPHALALGIA 38/5 :855-864,2018
  • Poor sleep quality in migraine and probable migraine: A population study
    JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 19/1 :58-65,2018
  • Increased Superoxide Dismutase 2 by Allopregnanolone Ameliorates ROS-Mediated Neuronal Death in Mice with Pilocarpine-Induced Status Epilepticus
    NEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH 43/7 :1,464-1,475,2018
  • Increased expression of WNK3 in dispersed granule cells in hippocampal sclerosis of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy patients
    EPILEPSY RESEARCH 147/ :58-61,2018
  • Insufficient Sleep in Tension-Type Headache: A Population Study
    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY 14/4 :566-573,2018
  • Impact of migraine on the clinical presentation of insomnia: A population-based study
    JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN 19/1 :86-93,2018
  • Sex Differences in Prevalence, Symptoms, Impact, and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Migraine and Probable Migraine: A Population-Based Study
    HEADACHE 59/2 :215-223,2019
  • High risk of obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, and daytime sleepiness among commercial motor vehicle drivers
    SLEEP AND BREATHING epub/epub :-,2019
  • Status epilepticus due to cerebral air embolism after the Valsalva maneuver
    Journal of Neurocritical Care 12/1 :51-54,2019
  • Sirtuin3 Protected Against Neuronal Damage and Cycled into Nucleus in Status Epilepticus Model
    MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 56/7 :4,894-4,903,2019

Professional Experience

Full-time Lecturer,Department of Neurology,Yonsei University

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology,Yonsei University

Trained at the National Institute of Health(NIH), USA

2005.03-the Present
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology,Yonsei University


Member, The Korean Neurological Association

Member, The Korean Epilepsy Society

Outside Director, The Korean Sleep Research Society (2008-the Present)

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